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Students and Research Associates

My research group is closely linked to the Quantitative Fisheries Center (QFC) which I co-direct with Dr. James Bence. I am currently advising four graduate students, Lisa Peterson (PhD), Alex Jensen (MS), Alex Maguffee (MS), and Heather Porter (MS). I also co-advise Kelley Smith (MS). Lisa's research involves developing and testing methods for estimating movement and mortality rates from acoustic telemetry data, using walleye as a case study organism. Heather is finishing up a Masters degree on adaptive management of sharp-tailed grouse populations in Michigan's upper peninsula. Alex Jensen is developing a model to predict potential sea lamprey production from habitats upstream of existing barriers. Alex Maguffee is examining the otolith microchemistry of Chinook salmon from Lakes Michigan and Huron to assess its potential for determing geographical origins of Chinook salmon harvested in the Lake Michigan recreational fishery. Kelley, co-advised by FW Professor Brian Roth, is examining the distribution of native and exotic crayfish in Michigan and assessing the risk of further exotic crayfish introductions.

At the QFC I also work with post-doctoral Research Associates Renee Reilly and John Syslo.  Renee's research collaborations with me include a participatory modeling project looking at management of Lake Erie percid fisheries, and the otolith microchemistry project described above. John is also collaborating with me on the Lake Erie percid fishery project, and a harvest policy evaluation study for Yukon River Chinook salmon.

You can learn more about the research programs of my students and post-docs from their individual web pages. 

To learn about what former members of the Jones lab are up to click here.

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