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My Family

In addition to having a great job and great people to work with, which is what this web site is mostly about, I am fortunate to have a wonderful family and lots of outside interests.

LindaMy wife, Linda, was the "girl next door" when we were going to high school in Vancouver in the 1970s. We have been happily married for 35 years - it is really something special to have your best friend also be the love of your life.  Linda works for the Michigan Department of Agriculture, where she manages the Grape and Wine Council. Consequently, one of my outside interests, predictably, is to help Linda with her "research".

BryanLinda and I are blessed with two adult children, Bryan and Leslie.

Bryan has degree in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University. He divides his time between Vancouver where he works for a small networking company called Koios Inc.Leslie, and Squamish, B.C., where he mainly plays at snowboarding, backpacking, and other outdoor activities. Leslie moved to Vancouver in 2009, and now works in the fashion industry. This summer we had a grand celebration when Leslie married the love of her life, Tyler Hoolaeff. They live (happily ever after) in mid-town Vancouver. Linda and I miss our kids a great deal, but we are so happy they are both doing so well, and are thrilled that they'll be there for us when we finally return to the west coast.


And then there's Digby, our yellow lab. Digby is in her ninth year is finally beginning to realize she is no longer a puppy, at least most of the time. She misses Bryan and Leslie too.

My Mum and siblings

My mother Doreen - 89 years young lives in Victoria, B.C. in a waterfront home that is a joy to visit. Each of my four siblings live in the Pacific northwest: brother Peter in Vancouver, sister Chrissie in Seattle, sister Pat in Summerland, and sister Peggy in Victoria. We are envious of them all (they can see mountains!), but we get to visit pretty often, and we'll end up there one day.

Linda and I love travelling and seeing the world, and here you can see photos from some of our more recent trips. While traveling or at home in Michigan, Linda and I (and Digby when she's with us) like to go geocaching - it's a great way to find places you never knew were there. I am also interested in genealogy, music, cooking, watching hockey (go Canucks!, go Spartans!) and soccer (go Liverpool!). 

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