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General information for students and post-docs interested in applying to my lab

I will post a notice on this web site when I am actively seeking students or post-docs to work on a specific project. However,if you'd like to contact me anyway to express general interest in graduate or post-doctoral research in my lab, please do the following:

  1. Send me an email or snail mail letter briefly describing your background, explaining why you are particularly interested in working in my lab, and outlining your learning and research objectives
  2. Include an up-to-date resume
  3. Include a copy (unofficial is fine) of your most recent transcript (snail mail) or summarize your undergraduate (and graduate if you have one) GPA and courses completed (email)
  4. Include your GRE scores

I will send you an email note acknowledging receipt of your package, and will include it with other applications I may have received for six months, or until I contact you about an opportunity. If you haven't received an acknowledgement, send me an email - it may mean the package never arrived.

Fellowship opportunity

For prospective students with truly excellent academic records there are opportunities through the Graduate School at Michigan State University for fellowship support, particularly for PhD students. In this case the requirement for me to generate my own funding to support you is greatly reduced. If, upon reviewing your package, I believe you are a strong candidate for a fellowship, I will contact you immediately. Applications for the fellowships are normally submitted in January. Three of my former students, Steve Haeseker, Amber Peters, and Gretchen Anderson, were fellowship recipients. Overall our department has been very successful in receiving these awards.  As well, one of my current students (Brian Langseth) was awarded the W.E. Ricker  Distinguished Fellowship offered by the Quantitative Fisheries Center, which could also be available to students with an exceptional academic record.

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