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Research Interests

My primary research interests center around understanding fish population dynamics and applying quantitative tools such as simulation modeling and decision analysis to practical fishery management problems. My research has a strong applied flavor, and frequently involves working closely with fishery management agencies. I am especially interested in the challenge of determining critical uncertainties for fishery management, and the related question of assigning an appropriate value to reducing uncertainty. I like my research program, and thus my students' projects, to comprise a mixture of empirical and theoretical work: field and experimental studies; modeling and analysis.

Some of the problems that my researh group and I have tackled include (the superscripts refer by number to related publications listed here):

  • sea lamprey control in the St. Marys River10
  • evaluation and refinement of larval assessment methods for sea lamprey control13, 24, 31
  • recruitment dynamics of sea lampreys and their implications for alternative control3, 4, 5, 12
  • energy dynamics of Great Lakes Chinook salmon16, 28
  • assessment of Lake Michigan salmonine stocking policies using decision analysis21, 22
  • development of efficient assessment methods for determining fish species composition of Great Lakes streams29, 30
  • habitat supply-population dynamics models for Lake Erie walleye, Lake Superior lake trout, and Lake Superior cisco15, 34
  • evaluation of harvest policies for Lake Erie walleye and Lake Michigan yellow perch using decision analysis19, 21, 33
  • factors influencing differences in natural mortality rates among lake whitefish stocks2, 6, 32
  • applying "Management Strategy Evaluation" to Pacific salmon management in western Alaska
  • developing an adaptive management strategy for management of double-crested cormorants in Michigan
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